Lou Ellyn as a Coach

“I am very grateful to Lou Ellyn for her generosity and willingness to share the wisdom she has acquired over many years of personal practice in the spiritual arts.” – Ruth J.

“Lou Ellyn is so easy to work with! I felt safe and held to explore the deep, rich, painful areas. I released long-held trauma in my body, old limiting beliefs that opened new avenues for my biggest goals. I highly recommend her services!” – MC

“I was delighted to see my struggles through your inquiring eyes and enjoyed becoming curious about what I was working on. You communicated a joy and acceptance that was infectious, even when I felt stuck! The fact that you have done your own work, as an adult child of an alcoholic, makes your ability to connect with the struggles and fears of your clients, very powerful and personal. Childhood pain brings disconnection but you met it with connection.  You have power as a wounded healer who has dealt with the pain of your own dysfunctional family. You brought normalcy and understanding to our work and the often frightening work of opening those closed doors of shame and confusion.” –Penny Purkerson

Compared to past experience with E.F.T.

“In the past with other practitioners, my sessions were just about how I was feeling in that moment. With Lou Ellyn, I set some specific goals and we worked on those, while also addressing other issues that came up.” — HC

“I’ve done EFT before but Lou Ellyn adds laughter, quick-drawing and guided imagery to the process.? And now I know exactly what I want to do and how to get there, easily and joyfully. You as a practitioner are not only good but fun to work with!” — Maribeth Moore

The single greatest benefit…

“The single greatest benefit? Release of negative self-talk, negative energy, and negative emotions surrounding a romantic breakup.” – HC

“Recently, after working with Lou Ellyn on a stubborn and?lingering issue, I had one of those indescribable breakthroughs that open the doors to new peace and greater understanding. Lou Ellyn’s transparent kindness is a godsend.” – Ruth J.

“Our work focused on unpacking my layers of shame and embarrassment. Working with you showed me that I can share my darkest pieces and still be a worthy human!” – Gabbi Korrow

“The biggest benefit was understanding the cause of my anxiety and getting more clarity about that, which has helped me to move beyond it. Also getting my sleep back was huge!” – Sally Bergquist

“My general fear and anxiety is reduced. I’m able to be more thoughtful before responding to day-to-day situations that would have been much more stressful before this work. I’m not being triggered as often or as intensely. It really seems quite miraculous. – JK

Would you recommend my services to others?

“Well yea!  You worked with the care and flexibility of one human being helping another. Being welcomed into your home with a warm hug made me feel comfortable and safe to dig deep into hard issues.” — Gabbi Korrow

“I would absolutely recommend your service to others, because it provided some breakthroughs to me.” – JK

“I would recommend your services to others and in fact, I already have. I did so because it was remarkable to me how quickly I saw results when I gave time and focus to areas of emotional reactivity. It was very helpful to me to see how much of early childhood experiences that I had attended to rationally still had negative impact on my physical responses.” – JS

Lou Ellyn’s approach…

“You looked for helpful outside resources, set me up with tools to use between sessions, and made yourself available for check-ins throughout the week. This extra care made me feel you were looking out for my wellbeing and truly cared about seeing improvement in my life.” — Gabbi Korrow

“You aren’t “clinical” at all – you are sensitive and compassionate. You are really looking at what is going on and not getting hung up on some right or wrong way to do EFT. You seem relaxed and calm. I liked how you tapped on and massaged my hand one time long ago and I will never forget how that calmed me down when I was in a panic.” – Sally Bergquist

“Lou Ellyn is a skilled EFT practitioner with a wealth of background in energy work and a career in biology. This unique perspective along with her gentleness, humor and wisdom makes her a practitioner worth returning to many times for healing and support.” — LM

“Lou Ellyn’s skills as an EFT practitioner are amazing. She has a strong intuitive sense and has been able to lead me to a path of discovery and identification of deeper issues in a way that has been both gentle and powerful. I’ve always felt safe working with Lou Ellyn even when tapping on challenging matters such as strategies I developed as the child of alcoholic parents. Not only has our work together been effective in clearing emotions, resolving stress, and removing blocks to success, it has given me tools and insights to use when new matters come up or when old ones reappear. I highly recommend Lou Ellyn as an EFT practitioner and highly recommend EFT as a safe, effective technique that can be used by just about anyone.” – MS

“The approach was gentle. Your presence felt solid and authentic and you were quite creative. I felt very, very safe and also that I could control the situation if I ever felt the need. By that, I mean that it was clear that I could say no or back off if I wanted to and also I could take a bit of risk by going deeper and know that you would help me out if I got overwhelmed. I felt comfortable being my uncensored self, saying things I don’t usually say out loud for example.” –JK

“I didn’t feel like I had to take care of you! You were as okay when I was getting it as when I was confused and not able to follow or when I couldn’t finish a bit of work in the time we had for that session. That was a huge gift to me! If something wasn’t working, you stayed open to what else might be going on. You always seemed to know how to take my actual experience and honor where I was. I soon realized I could stay with any struggles or road blocks and be honest about not being able to get where we thought we might be going!” – Penny Purkerson

General testimonials…

“I am here to tell you tapping really works. I have been afraid to fly most of my adult life. Afraid to the point that I would be sick to my stomach, have headaches, be miserable for 2 to 3 weeks prior to a flight. I have not flown at all for the last 10 years. It just wasn’t worth it to go through all that misery. The problem with the choice not to fly is it really limits my travel options and my “Bucket List” is full of places I want to go and see. I had to find a solution to this fear. My trusted long-time counselor recommended I give tapping a try and referred me to Lou Ellyn. I spent just over an hour with Lou Ellyn and we tapped our way through my fear of flying. I left not really having any idea if it worked. I had scheduled a trip to Pasadena, CA to see the Rose Parade (one of my “Bucket List” items). As the time for the flight neared, I realized I wasn’t suffering from any of my past problems. I was a bit concerned about the process at the airport but not dreading the flight. I flew to Pasadena, by myself, with no help from any medication or alcoholic beverages!! The tapping worked!! I don’t know why it works. I just know it worked for me. I highly recommend Lou Ellyn. She made me very comfortable with the process and the results are life changing.” – VS

“For years, I subscribed mainly to typical Western remedies. But the PTSD after-effects of my accident lead me to try new things, including EFT. I was skeptical at first, but Lou Ellyn made me a believer. While I’m still a work-in-progress, EFT has advanced my recovery by light years, and I encourage other doubters to give it a try.” — GK

“It is an amazing process. I think you could sit with a therapist for 10 years and not get the result we got in 45 minutes. Everything we talked about seemed to leave my body. It doesn?t mean I forget about all of it, but I could feel it leaving my body. My body feels different this morning.” –JJ

“I wanted you to know that I tapped this weekend, and I was incredibly grateful that I had learned this skill from you. I felt empowered to have something tangible to use as I struggled with upset feelings. Thank you!” –EH