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Lou Ellyn Jones, EFT Coach

“Lou Ellyn is a phenomenal guide.”  She is wide open to my story and helps me see my experiences through a broader lens.  After I spend time with her I feel lighter and more equipped to move forward on my spiritual journey.” –Ruth J.

“Help to Find Your Voice” is my business and my passion. I grew up with family alcoholism so it wasn’t safe to speak up.  I focused on what others wanted and needed but didn’t know what I wanted and needed.  Finding my voice and expressing it in the world is one of the most deeply-satisfying journeys I could have envisioned.

People often freeze up when they need to use their voice. For example, setting boundaries with another person without losing the relationship. Or becoming more visible as a writer and taking it to the next step, telling your story in a job interview, a blog, a video or speaking from the podium. Having found my voice in these ways, I want to support others in finding theirs too.

I use powerful tools, ideas and exercises to walk my clients through the process of reclaiming their voice. Our workhorse is EFT, also called Emotional Freedom Techniques or “tapping”.  EFT is an amazing method that balances and restores your body’s natural energies. It calms the nervous system, dials down upsetting emotions, and rewires neural pathways so that negative thinking and feelings transform into relaxation and a sense of well-being.

In recent years, I’ve added other astonishing and wonderful tools to my toolkit: Matrix Reimprinting (another form of EFT), writing, coaching, picture tapping, and meditation.


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“It was very refreshing to have you be a person with a scientific and inquiring mind! Energy work carries some baggage from magical practitioners and you were able to bring the science around EFT, to our tapping/energy work!  With your help, the shifts in my personal skills around self-regulation and acceptance were palpable and measurable. I don’t remember that being the case in other kinds of recovery work I have done. I came away with a treasure box full of ways to continue this work on my own.” — Penny Purkerson